DCS offers global expertise in raising debt and equity capital funding for projects and assets, public or private companies and investment funds.  Many DCS affiliate experts are former investment bankers, lawyers and corporate executives who possess decades of experience in structuring and executing commercial, institutional and capital markets transactions involving project financing, corporate financing, levered acquisition, refinancing/restructuring and for asset and revenue monetization/securitization transactions.   

Our debt product and service expertise includes commercial loans and credit facilities (commercial bank loans, loans, lines, letters and guarantees), debt capital markets (bonds), institutional debt and credit facilities (export credit agency (ECA), export-import bank (Ex-Im), institutional / development finance institutions (IFI/DFI)), sovereign debt and municipal debt.  Our equity product and service expertise includes private equity, initial public offerings (IPOs) and add-on common equity, preferred equity, convertible loans, mezzanine financing, shareholder loans and equity bridges.  We also assist our clients with the structuring and execution of hedging transactions and derivative products, such as interest rate swaps, inflation swaps, foreign currency swaps, commodity swaps, caps, floors, options and futures.

The following links provide additional information on the specific types of equity and debt capital fundraising services that we offer to our public sector and private sector clients:

In order to complement the core equity & debt capital fundraising advisory services above, DCS advisors are also prepared to provide the following complementary services, as needed, depending on the specific needs of the client's transaction needs.

Equity and debt capital fundraising services are complimentary to, and in many cases integral to the comprehensive transaction advisory services that we offer.  DCS experts provide comprehensive equity and debt capital fundraising services in the following sectors that we specialize in.  Please click on the below links to learn more about the sectors that we cover:

DCS experts provide comprehensive equity and debt capital fundraising and advisory services to the following categories of clients:


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