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DCS focuses on the technology subsector, mainly in relation to the companies that are active within the following segments of our core industry focus in infrastructure, energy & utilities and oil & gas sectors and related subsectors.  This focus relates to companies that provide technological solutions related to projects, assets and services in the following sectors and subsectors:

  • Infrastructure.  
    • Transportation: Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), open road tolling systems, fare collection systems and fintech smart payment systems, integrated fare/toll payment systems, e-charging networks, vehicle/bicycle/scooter sharing, short-term rental and C2C platforms, navigation and wayfinding systems, transponder systems, positive train control systems, air traffic control systems, cargo/container management systems (intelligent logistics and distribution systems), port security technologies, airport security screening technologies, IoT, smart street lighting technologies, energy recovery and generation technologies in transportation corridors and other related smart technologies
    • Water & wastewater: Residential, community & regional graywater and storm water filtration, sedimentation and recovery systems; sludge energy recovery technologies; solar water heating; water & wastewater demand control and e-Metering technologies and other related smart technologies
    • Solid Waste: Demand based collection technologies, urban collection systems, reuse and repurposing technologies and programs, other related smart technologies
    • Social infrastructure.  Intelligent green building technologies, urban solar and wind generation, residential energy and waste demand management systems, public safety camera and sensor technologies, and other related smart technologies
    • Telecommunications: 5G network technologies

  • Energy & Utilities.  
    • Power generation: Nuclear Generation III+ reactor technologies; SMR/AMR technologies; H-Class+ CCGT turbine technologies; supercritical and ultra-supercritical boiler technologies; intelligent metering, instrumentation and control technologies; kinetic and other emerging renewables generation technologies; thin film solar cells
    • Transmission, Distribution, Sales & Supply and Trading Systems:  Intelligent/"smart" grid systems, distributive grid technologies, intelligent/"smart" meters and metering systems, gas compressor energy recovery systems, gas and electric trading hub and systems, and other related smart technologies

  • Oil & Gas.
    • Upstream.  Horizontal drilling, fracking and seismic exploration and drill guidance systems
    • Midstream Liquification and re-gasification and gas compressor energy recovery
    • Downstream.  Refinery waste heat recovery systems, intelligent logistics, distribution technologies

DCS expert affiliates provide comprehensive advisory services to technology companies with respect to projects, transactions, initiatives, opportunities and above core infrastructure, energy & utilities and oil & gas sectors and subsectors.

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