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The rate of technological advancements related to the telecommunications sector has allowed for an unparalleled level of investment in a global telecommunications network, comprised of satellites, overland and undersea fiber-optic cables networks, transmission towers, server farms and related infrastructure and support facilities.  In the span of only a few decades, the telecommunications infrastructure has evolved from fixed telephones, radios and televisions tethered together with copper wire and local transmission towers to an environment where the majority of humanity are now using our smart phones, tablets, computers, smart devices, and with the trend toward "internet of things" or "IoT", we can access high-bandwidth video, voice and data services almost seamlessly anywhere in the world.

The telecommunications industry is further evolving and changing and record pace.  Political leadership and the telecommunications industries in both highly developed and less developed nations have recognized the need to invest in the latest technologies in order to allow their citizens and businesses to take part and become or remain competitive in an increasingly interconnected and global economy and marketplace.  Ever evolving technologies such as "5G" networks (and the subsequent generation networks, which may evolve at even faster pace) all require significant infrastructure capital investments from public and/or private stakeholders.  With global competitive markets at play, many countries are competing against each other to deliver infrastructure that can give an economic edge sooner than slower-to-adapt international competitors.

We not only help our clients finance, develop and efficiently operate and maintain telecommunications infrastructure assets, but we also aim to assist in developing adaptive and flexible plans and programs for telecommunications infrastructure development, and aligning capital investments in infrastructure assets and sound asset renewal and maintenance programs.  The following links provide more specific information related to our advisory coverage of the specific telecommunications asset classes that we cover.

In the telecommunications infrastructure sector, DCS experts can add significant value through application of innovative technologies and processes, and public-private partnerships (P3).  Our advisory services help our clients align the capabilities of private sector capital, innovation, "know-how", efficiencies, life-cycle operational and maintenance discipline, and management resources with the public sector objectives of most efficiently providing and ensuring adequate public access to the latest telecommunications technologies delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  We can also assist our clients in identifying and procuring suitable vendors, technology and service providers in the telecommunications sector.  Our broad and global experience also includes all forms of P3 models, under a regulated or deregulated user fee regimes, long-term availability payment, user-fee and hybrid concession and/or lease transactions as well as stock/share, trade and asset sales/acquisitions, joint-ventures (JVs) and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) with respect to infrastructure/telecommunications companies and assets.

Within the telecommunications infrastructure sector DCS experts maintain relationships with related project consultants and participants including: both international and local legal advisors; technical, engineering and environmental/social advisors, economic/market consultants; contractors, vendors and technology providers; strategic and financial equity sponsors; lenders (including commercial lendersinternational/development financial institutions (IFIs/DFIs), Export Credit Agencies and Export-Import Banks (ECA/Ex-IMs), institutional lenders, bond funds and investment banks) and credit rating agencies (if applicable).  We are always prepared and highly experienced in taking on a lead transaction advisory or project/program management role where we coordinate and manage (in some cases, procure and retain via subcontract) various technical, legal and other consultants required for the project.  On behalf of our clients we are also prepared and accustomed to leading and concluding negotiations with governmental/public sector or equity sponsors, contractors and vendors, lenders, rating agencies and regulators, as may be relevant for a given project.

In many client cases, there may also be a significant nexus between telecommunications infrastructure assets and facilities and other sectors that we specialize in, such as technology (5G networks), transportation (roadway, rail, pipeline and transmission corridors and air rights), real estate (urban air rights), energy & utilities (solar and wind renewables installations), and others.  We are prepared to bring our complementary expertise in these other sectors to our telecommunications infrastructure sector clients, as their specific project may benefit.  There may be many collaborative partnership opportunities between diverse companies and public and private service providers, who may also have synergistic objectives and opportunities related to telecommunications assets and systems.  We can help our clients expand the horizons of their project and analyze and understand synergistic economic and commercial impacts related to telecommunications infrastructure assets and public services.  This will help forge potential new innovative partnerships with both private and public sector parties, where significant added-value can be realized.  

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