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The energy and water sales & supply and trading subsector is comprised of the various unbundled or bundled businesses related to the non-infrastructure elements of sales & supply of natural gas; electrical, heat and cooling energy; and water, wastewater collection as well as the associated trading businesses related to gas and electricity.  These businesses may be bundled (in the form of an integrated utility) or independent unbundled businesses in the case where deregulation and unbundling has occurred in the energy and utilities sectors.  Furthermore, we regard these businesses as "service businesses" and differentiate these enterprises from "infrastructure businesses" related to the ownership, management, operations and maintenance of the underlying transmission and distribution towers, cables, pipes, transformers, compressor stations, and related infrastructure assets.

DCS advisors cover all segments of the traditional "utility value chain". However, it must be recognized the this "value chain" is evolving.  In many power markets there has been significant and ongoing growth in distributed intermittent renewable power generation connected into the grids.   Globally, there is also significant growth in urban, residential and commercial rooftop PV solar units and smaller-scale wind turbines.  Electricity grid operators also wish to apply modern data driven technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable more efficient grid balancing, enable "smart maintenance", preventative and condition-based grid maintenance and improve the reliability, resiliency and efficiency of the grid. Particular to gas grids in many regional are evolving toward gas hub operations, where bi-directional gas flows throughout a multi-nodal gas pipeline grid are required.  These are some of the reasons that the traditional "value chain" is changing and the industry is moving toward intelligent ("smart") grids and distributive grid designs and technologies.  We are well in-touch with evolving "smart grid" technologies and we can assist our grid operator clients in navigating through these changes from a technical, structural, regulatory and commercial perspectives.  DCS advisors can also assist our clients in identifying and procuring suitable grid technology and service providers in the electricity, gas, water, wastewater, heat and cooling and transmission and distribution sectors.   

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