DCS focuses on the logistics, cargo & freight (LCF) subsector, mainly in relation to the companies that are active within the following segments of our core industry focus in infrastructure and oil & gas sectors and related subsectors.  This focus relates to companies that provide LCF solutions related to projects, assets and services in the following sectors and subsectors:

  • Infrastructure.  
    • Transportation: Shipping companies, logistics companies, trucking companies, freight forwarding companies, multi-modal freight companies, postal companies, railways, air cargo companies, river barge operators, vehicle rental/sharing companies, taxi companies and urban/home delivery services

  • Oil & Gas.
    • Midstream LNG/CNG and oil tanker shipping companies, overland oil & gas truck and rail transport operators
    • Downstream.  Refined products distribution systems, fuel depots and retail networks

DCS expert affiliates provide comprehensive advisory services to LCF companies with respect to projects, transactions, initiatives, opportunities and above core infrastructure oil & gas sectors and subsectors.

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DCS focuses on providing the above services in the logistics, cargo and freight subsector to the following categories of clients:


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