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financial modeling, review and auditing SERVICES

DCS offers expert financial modeling, financial model review and model auditing services to our public and private sector clients across the cores sectors that we focus on, including infrastructure, energy & utilities, oil & gas, industrials and real estate.  Financial modeling is an integral component of most of our advisory services mandates.  Our financial models are typically utilized by both DCS experts, in fulfilling our specific advisory mandates as well as by our clients for many varied purposes.  In all cases, our financial models are custom-built from the bottom-up, and specifically tailored to our client's specific needs under a client mandate. 

We individually custom-build each and every one of our models using standard Microsoft® Excel® software in the most user-friendly manner possible.  We provide both a user manual and in-model user instructions for most of our client models.  Our objective is to create a model that can, in many cases, be handed over to the client and operated by the client's own staff (in some cases for many years).  After the model is in our client's hands we can provide ongoing services such as model training & capacity building workshops for client staff, model maintenance and update services and support and specific modeling analysis utilizing the client's model, as may be requested by the client.

In addition to developing, updating and maintaining our own financial models for our client advisory mandates, we also provide model review and audit services of financial models produced by our clients or by another third-party model developer on behalf of our client.  Model review and auditing services are often required by our clients (as an independent third-party review or audit) in other transactions that DCS is not a party to.

The following links provide additional information on the typical financial modeling services that we offer to our public sector and private sector clients:

Complementing the core financial modeling services above, DCS advisors are also prepared to provide the following complementary services, as needed, depending on the specific needs of the client's transaction needs.

Financial Modeling services are complimentary, and in many cases integral to the comprehensive transaction advisory and debt and equity capital fund raising services and many other services that we offer.  DCS experts provide financial modeling services in the following sectors that we specialize in.  Please click on the below links to learn more about the sectors that we cover:

DCS affiliates provide expert financial modeling services to the following categories of clients: