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DCS advisors offer many diverse transactional and other services to support our public and private sector clients.  In many cases our experts will be working alongside our client's own management and internal staffing.  In cases many cases our clients hire us, because their own internal management doesn't have prior experience and may lack the knowledge and skill sets with respect to a certain type of project, transaction, fundraising, financial modeling exercise, or other element.  In our practice, we have come across many clients who are trying to train and build-up knowledge and expertise within their internal management and staffing resources.  DCS is ideally positioned to provide training and capacity building workshops (both physical and remote/virtual) in all of the sectoral and service areas that we focus on.  We can build a customized workshop or series of workshops that focus on one or a variety of different focus areas that our clients are most interest in building knowledge capacities within.

Accordingly, DCS advisors can provide clients with tailored training and capacity building workshops in the following core topical areas:

While some of our training and capacity building workshops focused on the above topics may "universal" with respect to many different industry sectors, we can create training and workshop events that focus-in on particular elements within the following sectors and markets that we cover:

DCS experts provide our training and capacity building workshop services to the following categories of clients:



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