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Meet Our Energy & Utilities Experts Team!

The DCS energy and utilities advisory focus generally covers two main subsectors: energy generation and energy sales and supply and trading.   The generation subsector includes power generation, district heat and cooling and co-generation.  Within the generation subsector, DCS experts are highly-experienced in advising public and private utilities as well as independent power, water, heating and cooling providers across all types of generation technologies, including nuclear, fossil fuels and renewable generation technologies and businesses.  Within the sales, supply and trading subsector, DCS experts are highly experienced in advising electricity, gas, water, wastewater, heat and cooling sales, supply and trading businesses (both utilities and independent providers). 

Energy & utilities is a specialized focus sector of DCS which we distinguish from our infrastructure sector focus.  While there are certain infrastructure assets (such as electricity, gas, water, heating and cooling transmission and distribution networks and systems) which share a strong nexus with our energy & utilities sector focus, we regard generation plants as separate specialized "industrial plant enterprises" and sales, supply and trading businesses as "service enterprises", each deserving specialized advisory skill sets.  In either case, these businesses may be regulated or deregulated ("liberalized"), markets may be bundled (vertically integrated) or unbundled.  It is our view is that irrespective of whether or not a utility or other independent public or private enterprise owns and operates the underlying infrastructure assets, the "infrastructure business" of developing, constructing, operating and maintaining the transmission and distribution assets should be considered separate and distinct from business of managing and operating the transmission, distribution, trading, sales and supply "service enterprises" that utilize these transmission and distribution infrastructure assets.  Our main focus under energy & utilities sectoral coverage is to provide our generator (whether utility or IPP/IWPP), transmission, distribution, trading sales and supply clients with the specialized advice with respect to operating their core "industrial" and "service" businesses.

Within each of the the energy & utilities subsectors, our team of advisory experts possess decades of experience advising both public sector and private sector clients in evaluating, planning, financing, developing, constructing, operating and managing generation plants and efficiently managing energy, water and wastewater distribution/collection, sales and supply and trading businesses.  The following links provide more detailed summary of our coverage and expertise within each of these energy and utilities subsectors:

  • Generation. The generation subsector includes coverage of electricity, heat and cooling generation, as well as co-generation (electricity and heat/cooling energy) and (desalinated) water and power generation businesses and assets.  We view generation businesses as specialized "industrial enterprises" that encompass the development, construction, ownership, management, operations. maintenance and decommissioning of generation plants.  DCS experts cover the broad spectrum of generation facilities, including nuclear (large reactor and small and advanced modular reactors or "SMR/AMRs", as well as nuclear decommissioning), fossil fuel (gas, coal/lignite, oil/diesel) and renewables (including hydro, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and wave/tidal).  In situations where there may be a planned or operating water (desalination) and power plant or a biomass co-fired plant using sewage sludge and/or solid waste as a feedstock, then we will also cover the related water, wastewater and solid waste elements, by bringing in the sectoral expertise in those areas, as needed. DCS experts possess vast expertise in the field of regulated and deregulated, bundled and unbundled market models and under offtake agreements (such as PPAs, CfD's, FIT models), green certificates, tax credit/rebates, emission credits, etc. and how generation companies (whether utilities or IPPs) can operate most efficiently under any regulatory regime. The following links provide more specific information related our advisory coverage of the generation subsector.

  • Transmission, Distribution, Sales & Supply and Trading. The Transmission, Distribution, Sales & Supply and Trading subsector includes coverage of the respective "service enterprises", which may be public or private utilities or independent entities utilizing the electricity, gas, water, wastewater, heating and/or cooling transmission, distribution and collection infrastructure assets.  A related aspect of a utility's (or other independent entity's) business is to provide a "sales and supply" function and in the case of gas or electricity, also provide a trading function.  DCS experts have broad and deep expertise in the field of regulated and unregulated, bundled and unbundled market models and how companies (utilities or independent providers) can function most efficiently under any regulatory regime.  

Please click on the below links to learn more about the specific services related to the energy & utilities sector that DCS experts can offer:​

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