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DCS experts provide targeted coverage of a limited number of real estate subsectors.  Our coverage of the real estate sector has a strong nexus to our main coverage activities in the infrastructure sector.  Our expertise in the real estate field relates specifically to projects and transactions in these primary sectors where there are significant real estate elements.   For example, our ports, terminals, airport, railways, roads and social infrastructure projects often involve a strong interconnection with real estate elements in the logistics, warehousing, commercial and mixed-use subsectors.  Passenger railways, airports, urban transport and social infrastructure projects may involve a strong commercial, mixed-use and hotel & resort real estate elements.  Roadway corridors may involve interrelated warehousing & logistics real estate elements and commercial real estate elements related to petrol stations, retail stores, service plazas and air rights.  

The following are the main industrials subsectors that we focus within:

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DCS focuses on providing the above services in the real estate sector to the following categories of clients:

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