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Pierce Kirby

Boston, USA

Marc de Gentile-Williams

London, UK

Paul Murphy

Washington DC, USA

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Vienna, Austria

Mark Moseley

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Vienna, Austria

Meet Our Midstream Oil & Gas Experts Team!

The midstream component of the oil & gas (O&G) industry consists mainly of the transport of crude oil and gas products from production areas to refineries and markets.  The O&G midstream subsector shares a strong nexus with our infrastructure focus related to pipelines and port and terminal infrastructure facilities.  Our midstream O&G subsector coverage includes mainly the companies involved in the following business areas:

  • LNG/CNG transport and trade.  Companies involved with processes of liquification and re-gasification of natural gas, and the global marine transport and trade of LNG/CNG

  • Oil and Gas Trade.  Companies involved in the sales, purchase, supply and trading of crude oil & gas, and overland truck, rail and barge transport of crude oil and gas (note that oil and gas pipelines are covered under or infrastructure focus)

On each and every advisory mandate, DCS experts bring decades of hands-on project, transactional and operational midstream O&G experience and knowledge to our clients, allowing them to effectively manage even the most challenging midstream O&G situations at hand. 

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