In connection with our buy side M&A advisory or privatization mandates, we also offer levered acquisition financing services to our clients.  Leveraged acquisition finance is often used by early-stage growth companies for the acquisition of core growth targets and assets.  In some cases, our mid-stage growth and mature company clients may also choose to utilize leveraged acquisition strategies for a variety of reasons.   

DCS advisors assists our buy side M&A clients in accessing the most favorable financing pricing, terms and conditions through either commercial lenders or through debt capital markets (if available and feasible).  In general, acquisition lenders are often relationship lenders to the our buy-side clients.  While we assist our clients in negotiating with their respective relationship lenders, with our broad access and relationships with other potential lenders which are active in the regions and sectors of the client or the target, we can also canvas the commercial lender market for other competitive offers.  Additionally, in cases where there may be adequate investor appetite (if feasible from an M&A process perspective), the cost, terms of conditions of capital markets levered acquisition alternatives can be compared against commercial leveraged loan financing alternatives.  Our shared goal is the achieve the most favorable amount, pricing and terms which will allow our client to offer the most attractive price for the targeted company or assets.  

In addition to leveraged acquisition financing, we can also assist our client clients who may be pursuing leveraged buy-out (LBO) financing. 

Our complementary advisory services with respect to execution of commercial debt, international / development financing institutions (IFI/DFI) financing and debt capital markets financing transaction are described in greater detail within those respective pages.

DCS advisors are able to provide leveraged acquisition financing advisory services on a stand-alone basis on behalf of our clients.  In most cases, as leveraged financing advisory services will be only one element of a larger project delivery program, DCS will also be providing other complementary transaction advisory services in relation to an M&A or privatization transaction.  Our preference is always to provide such comprehensive transaction advisory services and coordinate all elements of the transaction, including leveraged financing services on behalf of our clients.

Under any leveraged financing services mandate, DCS will draw from our vast global network of veteran industry expert advisor affiliates and our relationship consultants in order to assemble the most appropriate team to match the specific needs of the transaction at hand.  This will always include leadership of DCS affiliate experts who possess decades of global transactional experience related to the specific sector and transaction type.  In any leveraged financing services mandate, our preferred role is always to serve as the lead project/program manager.  Within this role we are also able to assist in the selection and procurement (or subcontracting) and management of other advisors, including local and international legal and tax advisors or other specialized advisors, as the specific transaction may require.  

Complementing our leveraged financing advisory services, DCS advisors offer the following complementary advisory services that may be applicable, dependent on the acquisition transaction situation.

DCS experts provide comprehensive leveraged acquisition finance advisory services in the following sectors that we specialize in.  Please click on the below links to learn more about the sectors that we cover:

DCS experts provide leveraged acquisition finance advisory services to the following categories of clients:

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