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Sewage sludge is a by-product of wastewater treatment plants.  Sewage sludge contains both energy and nutrients, but can also a pose a threat to humans and the environment because of the potential presence of organic and inorganic pollutants, antibiotics, heavy metals and other compounds. Therefore, sewage sludge needs to be safely processed, recycled, incinerated, and/or stored (landfilled) to avoid environmental contamination issues.  Currently, there are a variety of environmentally and commercially feasible and sustainable technological solutions available to wastewater utilities, whereby both the energy contained in sludge can be converted into heat and electrical energy and its nutrients can be utilized in certain types of fertilizer and compost production.  Typically, the most efficient method of using sludge for electricity production is through biomass generation (where sludge energy is combusted along with a fossil fuel source such as gas, coal or lignite).  Byproducts of sludge incineration (for heat and electricity generation), such a ash, can also be used as an input into concrete and asphalt production.  The conversion of sewage sludge into heat, electricity and fertilizer provides the benefit of reducing the otherwise required fossil fuel inputs and reduces the net carbon emissions across all output categories.

DCS experts can assist both public and private sector clients in evaluating, planning, financing, developing, constructing, operating and managing sludge energy recovery plants within the municipal water and wastewater utility systems and networks.  We can add significant value through application of innovative technologies and processes, and public-private partnerships in the water and wastewater treatment segment.  Our advisory services help our clients align the benefits of private sector capital, innovation, "know-how", efficiencies and management capabilities with the public sector objectives of most efficiently providing and ensuring safe, clean and microbiologically-controlled water and wastewater treatment to citizens at affordable prices (water and wastewater tariffs and fees).  We can also assist our clients in identifying and procuring suitable vendors, technology and service providers in the sludge energy recovery sector.   Our experts also have significant experience and competence in delivering sludge energy recovery assets within the various market model contexts, including under a regulated or deregulated utility regime, and public-private partnership contractual models such as regulated user-fee, availability or hybrid concession agreements.  

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