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As a part of our project and program management services we work with our clients to develop the specific scope of our management services in effort to most effectively and efficiently address the specific service needs of our client.  Through this consultative process, first make a thorough assessment of the specific requirements, objectives and situational challenges facing our client.  On this basis, we create an interrelated scope of services that is tailored meeting all of the clients requirements, most efficiently achieving all objectives and effectively mitigating all situational challenges.

After we agree with our client on the optimal management scope, then we determine all of the interrelated and interdependent project workstreams that will need to come together in order to achieve the timely completion of the overall client project.  In many cases, individual workstreams may be led by third-parties consultants, managed by us, or our client's own internal staff.  DCS affiliate will take overall responsible for the timely completion of all workstream deliverables and quality control.

Each workstream has its own time line, which is integrated into the overall project time frame.  We illustrate all time lines as Gantt Charts and agreed upon all timing of key deliverables with our client.  We will manage, update and amend the project time lines as needed, as will be coordinated with our client.

DCS experts provide comprehensive project and program management services in the following sectors that we specialize in.  Please click on the below links to learn more about the sectors that we cover:

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