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Satellites, and related satellite transmission infrastructures are one of the essential infrastructure links in the global telecommunications network.  Satellite infrastructure provides an efficient and cost-effective means of transmission of video, data and voice over long distances.  Of course, in addition to communications satellites are also used for many other purposes including geospacial data (GPS), weather and climate, military and many other purposes.

Up-front capital costs of acquiring and launching satellites into orbit is substantial.  However, once in orbit commercial satellites can provide a stable revenue stream for up to 10 to 15 years.  Depending on the transmission capabilities of the satellite, if the satellite owner/operator has sufficient leased sufficient data volumes, the pay-back period required to recover the initial up-front investment can be quite short.

DCS experts can assist both public and private sector clients in evaluating, planning, financing, procuring, acquiring, developing, constructing, operating and managing satellite infrastructure and equipment.  

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