Water Treatment facilities are critical both for providing safe, clean and microbiologically controlled drinking water in municipalities as well as for adequately treating water suitable for industry and agricultural uses.   Wastewater treatment facilities are critical for the protection of human and animal health and also protecting the environment from contamination.  Wastewater from urban and municipal sewage systems, industrial and storm water runoff each represent sources of wastewater that require various forms of treatment prior to being returned to the environment.  Generally speaking, most water utilities are required to adhere to either World Health Organization (WHO) or European Commission (EC) standards for treatment of drinking water.  In some cases national or local environmental and public health laws and regulations may require additional standards to be adhered to for drinking water.  Various industries, such as power plants, manufacturing, oil and gas and mining may also require treatment/pre-treatment facilities for raw or re-used water, in order to be suitable for their respective industrial processes.  Various agricultural or irrigation uses may or may not require some level of water treatment, depending on the specific quality of raw or re-used water and the type of agricultural use.

Water and wastewater treatment facilities are also often responsible for the highest share of energy consumption within a municipal or regional water and wastewater utility systems.  However, significant improvements in modern water and wastewater treatment technologies and processes have significantly improved energy efficiencies of treatment.  Therefore, replacing or modernizing ageing water and wastewater treatment facilities can have a profound impact on the operating costs of treatment plants.  Modern treatment facilities are also safer, less labor- and maintenance-intensive and more reliable and can also significantly reduce the levels of chemicals required to be used in treatment.

In many municipalities and regions, water reclamation and conservation programs and policies are often aimed and collecting and re-utilizing municipal and industrial wastewater and storm water runoff for regional agricultural, industrial and urban irrigation uses.  These applications may each require additional or specialized treatment facilities.

DCS experts can assist both public and private sector clients in evaluating, planning, financing, developing, constructing, operating and managing water and wastewater treatment plants as critical infrastructure assets within the municipal water and wastewater utility systems and networks.  We can add significant value through application of innovative technologies and processes, and public-private partnerships in the water and wastewater treatment segment.  Our advisory services help our clients align the benefits of private sector capital, innovation, "know-how", efficiencies and management capabilities with the public sector objectives of most efficiently providing and ensuring safe, clean and microbiologically-controlled water and wastewater treatment to citizens at affordable prices (water and wastewater tariffs and fees).  We can also assist our clients in identifying and procuring suitable vendors, technology and service providers in the water and wastewater treatment sector.   Our experts also have significant experience and competence in delivering water & wastewater treatment assets within the various market model contexts, including under a regulated or deregulated utility regime, long-term water offtake agreements, and public-private partnership contractual models such as regulated user-fee, availability or hybrid concession agreements.  

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