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After many decades of disregarding the significant and detrimental human health and  environmental problems caused by the landfilling, dumping into oceans and burning municipal solid waste, most regions of the world have now enacted policies that require or encourage re-cycling and re-use of disposed materials that can be recycled, re-used or re-purposed; composting of biodegradable waste; and special processing of hazardous materials.  Furthermore, many solid wastes can also be combusted in waste-to-energy or dual-/ multi-fuel biomass generation facility for the production of heat and/or electrical energy.  These policies have generally resulted in lower solid waste volumes reaching landfills and a lower degree of water and air contamination risk from the materials entering landfills.

Despite the many positive public externalities provided by modern municipal solid waste systems, the solid waste industry has been challenged to provide cost-effective solutions related to development of capital- and often labor-intensive recycling, reuse/re-fabrication, and solid waste sorting and processing facilities.  Public officials and industry may be at odds, where both need to provide solutions that will facilitate environmental objectives, but also avoid significant increases in the garbage disposal tariffs, fees and taxes borne by regional households and businesses.

DCS experts can assist both public and private sector clients in evaluating, planning, financing, developing, constructing, operating and managing solid waste recycling and processing facilities and systems within the a municipal/regional solid waste utility.  We can add significant value through application of innovative technologies and processes, and public-private partnerships in the solid waste recycling and processing segment.  Our advisory services help our clients align the benefits of private sector capital, innovation, "know-how", efficiencies and management capabilities with the public sector objectives of most efficiently providing and ensuring safe, clean, efficient and environmentally responsible solid waste recycling and processing services to citizens at affordable prices (solid waste tariffs and fees).  We can also assist our clients in identifying and procuring suitable vendors, technology and service providers in the solid waste recycling and processing sector.   Our experts also have significant experience and competence in delivering solid waste recycling and processing assets within the various market model contexts, including under a regulated or deregulated utility regime, regulated user-fee, availability or hybrid concession agreements.  

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