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Meet Our Irrigation, Flood Control, Storm Water Management and Water Diversion Experts Team!

The development, rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure, including dams, dikes, seawalls, canals for irrigation of farmlands; provision of flood, storm and mudslide control, navigation, power generation and water diversion is a of critical importance in every nation and every society.  As evidence of globally changing weather and storm patterns continues to emerge, these assets are ever the more critical in order to secure and sustain our current way of life.  As lands in some regions of the world become more arid and hotter and other regions become wetter and cooler, societies must carefully evaluate their long-term arable land-use and water plans, policies and programs.  Wisely managing land and water resources and consumption will likely continue to become a major geopolitical issue.  Furthermore, given the combined prospect of rising sea levels and the higher frequency and severity of coastal storms and consequential flooding, societies also need to re-evaluate the scope and quality of maintenance of their critical infrastructure including seawalls, dikes, dams, canals and pumping systems which serve to protect major coastal population centers against storm and flood related disasters.

Under many analyses, many areas of the world (both in the developed and developing/less-developed parts) face significant risks related deficiencies to their water infrastructure.  In many cases, lack of sufficient irrigation and water diversion infrastructure and management may result in shortages of fresh water available.  Still in other cases, the historical overintensity of farming, overirrigation, aquifer depletion, soil depletion and salination, combined with climate change may render those farmlands no longer arable.  In some areas the river and coastal storm and flood control infrastructure is inadequate and those populations may be at-risk of risking sea levels and major storm events.  In other cases, such as in the more developed world, many of the assets including seawalls, dikes, canals and dams around coastal population centers may be ageing and insufficient.  In both cases the populations in these areas may be at risk due to the inadequacy or failure of these assets to protect against major storms and encroaching sea water.

DCS experts can assist public and private sector clients in evaluating, planning, financing, developing, constructing, operating and managing major irrigation, waterway and storm water management infrastructure assets and systems, including seawalls, dams, dikes, canals and storm water collection facilities.  We can add significant value through the application of innovative technologies and processes, and public-private partnerships in the waterway and storm water management segment.  Our advisory services help our clients align the benefits of private sector capital, innovation, "know-how", efficiencies and management capabilities with the public sector objectives of most efficiently providing sustainable irrigation, waterway and storm water.

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